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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dawn, Armed and Dangerous!, 4x4 Inches, Oil


I'm trying to finish up as many of the mug shots of the Hilton Head Gang as I can - as we have a  special surprise we're putting together.  Now, this was Dawn, and she was about the sweetest person there - but when it was her turn to pose for her mugshot she sure got an authentic 'criminal' look about her, don't you think?

I tried using (for the most part, I needed to add some umber & ultramarine for the shadow areas) a skin 'cocktail' from David Shevlino - whose work I love.  He uses Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Orange and White.  I'd never used that mix but it worked for the most part.  Now that I'm looking I see I did add a bit of Cad Red Light to her cheek area.

I've been absent for a few days, because my husband and I have spent a few days on Cape Cod - more anniversary celebration!  We never have real 'work free' days for either one of us, but I tried to limit his phone calls by ducking into a store every time he got one, and had stuff waiting at the register when he came to find me ;).... Other than that it was galleries, galleries, galleries, although, the 'season' hasn't started yet on the Cape, so they weren't all open yet.  VERY inspirational though, 


  1. Kelley - love your mug of Dawn, you rally captured her 'criminal' side!
    I'll give the skin mix a try as well, though I was surprised by the cad orange, I'd rather use cad red, but it definitely works for David and you! I'm also trying to finish by the end of the month...

  2. I really love how you handled her hair. It is exquisite!

  3. Dawn's intense expression extends far beyond the boundary of the 4x4 - amazing piece, Kelley.

  4. Great painting and thanks for the skin tone hint from David Shevlino.

  5. Well, Happy Anniversary! Thanks for passing on the skin tones tip. I'll have to try it as your colours look very fresh ;) I have to say, this ranks as my all-time second favourite painting of yours. It's gorgeous! My all-time fave is of course, Grampy's Lunch Pail.

  6. amazing study kelley! so strong. dawn doesn't look sweet but i'm sure she is. beautifully done and happy anniversary.

  7. The skin tones intrigue me every time! I, too, have been using David Shevlino's recipe and experimenting with others. This one really works on this notorious gang member!

    Seeing the mugs always makes me smile.

  8. Very cool Kelley. Great paint quality. I tried that mix and its fun. I like the addition of cad red to the cheek area. I like using transparent red and transparent yellow oxide for tipping a color without changing value too. It just pushes a little.
    Congratulations on your anniversary, that is wonderful.


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