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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cloud Dance, 5x7 Inches, Oil


First day of Summer really made it's voice heard!  It sizzled here in Rhode Island, but I, luckily, spent the entire day in the sweet air conditioning (I am trying to look on the bright side here) of the Toyota dealership.  Half the day for routine maintenance and readying for a long car trip, and the other half for a freak malfunction of my audio system (hello - I'm music and GPS-less!).  At the end of the day my part could not be located (yet) and I will be entertaining myself with song, and reading maps (like in the 'old' days)!!!

BUT I kind of needed that calm before the storm:  tonight is Art Stable Gallery's Grand Summer Opening.  We have arranged for theatrical skies and sweet cocktails, fine wine and fabulous art for your enjoyment.  So many other good things going on tonight, I'm not sure of the crowd, but it will be magical nonetheless.

This painting is a view I see often from my front porch, of Aquidneck Island and the Sakonnet River.  The color is enhanced in my painting, but honestly not by much!.  I'm saying I'm celebrating the color.


  1. What a view Kelley. Lucky you! Good luck with the opening. Sure you will do great and have fun.
    Thanks for your input on the S shape thing.

  2. Stunning view, and sizzling summer colors, just love this! Best wishes for lots of fun tonight!

  3. Yayyy for the opening! Have a great time! love this painting ...the sky just comes alive with the vibrant colors!

  4. I love clouds and I love this painting so much.
    It has feeling

  5. Wish I could be there... Good luck with the opening!

  6. This is such an amazing painting. Love it!!!

  7. Hope it is a great happening! The colors in this painting are gorgeous. I know what you mean it is so colorful it looks like it couldn't be real, but I've seen some like these. Hope you car bo-bos are fixed.

  8. Hi, Kelley - hope your opening went well and that you had a wonderful time with plenty of friendly faces and tons of sales! Love this little gem and love the title as well!

  9. Yummy colors and a lovely view. Exploit the colors every chance you get! Good luck tonight.

  10. Beautiful job of capturing the sometimes fluorescent colors of those gorgeous sunsets, Kelley. We get those colors here too sometimes and I am always in awe.


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