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Monday, October 17, 2011

Perfect View, 6x6 Inches, Oil Painting of the Sunset in Hull, MA

From one of the highest points of the seaside town of Hull, MA, you can see.... everything - to the right you see the ocean and the reflected light on the clouds when the sun sets.  If you look straight, you see the winding peninsula that is the town, resting between the ocean and the bay behind.  And slightly to the left, you see this.  The land mass is called World's End, a reservation where you can walk all around the drumlins on paths, and see Hull, Hingham and, in the distance, Boston.  At sunset, when you look here, sometimes everything is hot pink, salmon and lavender.  I was lucky enough recently to share this view with a few friends...

In other news, the Warren Walkabout is this coming Sunday!  12-5!  Should be SO much fun!  Below is a sneak peek of one wall of my studio (well, the bottom half of the wall anyway!).

And below are examples of students' work from our first class last week.  First we did value studies, then added color - some pumpkins were white, some orange.

*oh, yes, about yesterday's post - I believe it was McDonalds that had the lawsuit over the hot coffee  - not my beloved DD's!*


  1. Perfect View is such a Perfect Painting. Just love the thought of standing on the hillside with that gorgeous view. You have taken me there Thanks Kell!

  2. Perfect View is full of gorgeous color and so many places to just get lost in- just like the real thing. Wonderful job! Loved seeing your students work- they look wonderful- must have a great teacher:) Wonderful wall in your studio for the Warren Walkabout- hope you get lots of visitors and new collectors!

  3. De très belles choses sur ce blog que je découvre avec beaucoup d'admiration.

  4. Good job, beautiful painting.
    happy week.

  5. Perfect View is wonderful, Kelley! I love those teals against the darks and the lavendars in the back. All those simple, elegant shapes convey so much with so little-- well done!

  6. Kelley , Love your painting, and also love your studio wall. Everything is perfect, the paint color, the artwork, the arrangement, but most of all it's the artwork! Just fabulous!
    Best wishes for a wonderful art walk!

  7. Really nice kelley...That wall looks so good and inspiring. Good Luck this week-end..wish I could come.

  8. Kelley, Love your painting and studio wall. I hope to make it to the walkabout this weekend and to see things firsthand!



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