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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chicklets, 5x5 Inches, Acrylic

$100 & $10 S&H

Buzzing around getting ready for my Karin Jurick workshop next week, and I spied a box of Chicklets (remember them?) I bought on the Cape to paint these colorful little pieces of gum.  I was thrilled when I saw so many reds (I ate 2 while I was painting), which are my favorite!  The background is lighter than this - but I took the photo after the sun set, and I couldn't correct it without adjusting the colors of the chicklets.
I will definitely post from the road.  The biggest road trip of my life!


  1. Fun! Love all the colors and that there is such variety. Each one has such different highlights and shadows-just love that. Excellent brushwork!
    Can't wait to hear all about the road trip- "where in the world is Kelley Mac?" You will just love Karin Jurick- amazing artist!

  2. These fruit flavored Chiclets...Chicklets? were always my favorite too. Thanks for the sweet memories, Kelley!

  3. You have the gift of painting the most simple subject and making it beautiful..Have a fabulous road trip and workshop

  4. you are my favorite chicklet!
    Love how endless your subjects are- I love the yellows myself.
    HAppy Trails!

  5. Kelley, so simple, but so impressive! Love the colors, and highlights, and most of all the playful, spirit!

  6. Chicklets!
    Gum refreshes the mouth after a sticky donut. Fun, fun, fun Kelley!

  7. Kelley this painting made me happy as soon as I saw it! Took me back to my childhood:) Just love it! Have fun on your road trip and what a fabulous opportunity to work with Karin Jurick. Can't wait to read your posts about it:)

  8. You only ate two? What will power you have. I am a candy aficionado.(had to look up that spelling) Loved the baby chicklets too.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip to HH!

  9. Love your chicklet painting. Very nice composition on this one . So did you eat the gum before or after the planning of your composition?

  10. Carol - yes, unbelievable for me! AFTER. Amy - AFTER!!! So I could get the 'flavor' of the painting! :D


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