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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Negative Space

Been super busy with commissions lately.  This is a demo I did a couple of weeks ago for my class. I was explaining negative space, which is the space between things.  In this piece it is the 'air' inside the cup handle.  It was a rough, quick demo, just to give them an idea.  They got it, all right. I think I must have super-geniuses in my class - look at their pieces below.  These guys have only had the feel of the brush in their hands for LESS than 4 months.  They were painting my husband's great grandfather's lunch pail.


  1. Wonderful paintings by all! I loved learning about negative space- a hugely helpful tool for sure! Lucky students and they have a talented teacher!

  2. they did great!
    You are an awesome teacher.

  3. Love, love , love this piece! Students are a reflection of the teacher. If the students are super geniuses, then the teacher must be!

  4. Kelley, Great work, yours and the students! Sounds like a fun class, especially with you as the teacher!!

  5. Great demo painting--I know your students are really enjoying this class. Wish I could be in it.

  6. Great lesson for your students on negative space. I am so impressed that you have this lunch pail! I always wondered where the words "lunch pail"came from and now... after seeing this, it makes sense! What a treasure!!


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