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Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Cheese-Its Cat, 6x6 Inches, Oil

$100 & $10 S&H

My Challenge Group, Girls Just Wanna Paint, chose as it's subject this month "3", and we post today!  Check it out HERE.  I do three of things a LOT, so I wanted to get a little creative on this one.  I had shaken a few Cheese-Its with letters (thank you Jody Reagan for letting me know about these!) and I got T, A, C.  And I had the idea of taking a painting I did last year of my orange kitty, Harry, and putting the letters on the painting.  He's a cheese FIEND, and he's orange, so it was a natural!  Here's my set-up below:
It for some reason was impossible to get a photo without glare on the painting today or last night.  When it dried up a little it will be easier!

Today was the last session of painting classes in my studio - we have a week off before we start up the last Spring session.  We had a little party - everybody brought wonderful food and we had some wine and some 'chat' time.  These women enrich my life so much!  They are fun, and kind, and interested in really getting their work advanced.  I'm so lucky.  I can accept a couple more for this next session, which starts Thursday, April 14.  The hours are 9:30 - 12:30, and it goes for 8 weeks, with a make-up session at the end.  Email me for more info!


  1. Cheese-its come with letters? I have not had any lately but wondered if this is new or if I have been clueless for a very long time - hah! Could be either...

    I cannot imagine how much patience it takes to produce this lovely miniature of a cat in his perfect spot of light and vision!


  2. So fun and creative. Your students are very fortunate to have you as their teach.

  3. First off, lucky students and anyone close enough to take classes from you is getting an amazing opportunity to learn from a wonderful artist.
    I was unaware there are alphabet cheeze-it's and love how you incorporated those into this wonderful painting. It was just meant to be:)

  4. Wish I were near enough to take classes from you. I know you are a wonderful teacher. Love the cat painting and the cheezits. Ray bought some for our grandboys last week.

  5. Your creativity is amazing, and this painting is just so fun! Cheeze-its with letters . . . who knew? Thanks for enlightening us!!!

  6. How fun was this painting? For me, the cheez its would have been eaten with tale tell signs of crumbs on the painting.

  7. Very fun, and I know about the glare thing.

  8. Looks like you had fun painting this one!

  9. Cute painting, very creative, Kelley!

  10. Kelley - there is just something about Cheeze-its, the number one snack cracker in my book! My dogs, cats, parrot (and me) love them; our house-guest cursed me for putting them too high to reach for late night snacking, and our escape-artist chicken, Diana, comes to the porch for them daily. So glad you incorporated them into this fun painting!


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