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Friday, April 8, 2011

Red Gerbera Daisies, 6x6, Oil

Don't you just love the perkiness of Gerbera Daisies?  The photo does not do the painting justice - the red is really bright!  My students painted these last Thursday, and I blithely assumed that red would be easy to capture.  Well they struggled (but did really well) and I assumed it was the reds they were using.  Then I tried it myself, and... huh!  It took a long time to get the red, and then I found it a bear to photograph and capture the color!  I'm nothing if not determined, so plan on seeing this color daisy again!

And LOOK what arrived in the mail today!

My book by Carol Nelson, my favorite abstract artist!  Now I'm going to go make a cup of tea and bring a napkin to my chair, because I plan on drooling...:)


  1. A truly delightful painting, Kelley! And I see that you are doing some serious reading there!

  2. Love the red daisies and I think the color is fine. So glad you told me about Carol Nelson's book.

  3. These are great. Looks to me like you got that red just right!

  4. Wonderful painting. Gorgeous reds and really fresh feeling. I love flowers painted in glass and your water line and stems are stellar:)
    Enjoy Carol Nelson's work and wonderful shout out for her. That is what this is all about. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful daisies, Kelley. Enjoy your day.

  6. Wonderful painting. I love the dark blue shadow behind the flowers and vase. Great values on the daisies, too.

    I agree that photographing a painting can be very frustrating!

  7. Gerbers... I love them too and I also recognize the struggles with the reds when you paint them. Nice work, Kelley! Enjoy your book. It looks interesting.

  8. This red is deep and perfect! I like the off-center comp as well

  9. Love the reds! I like it in your signature, too! The flowers look great with your blue background. VERY nice!

  10. Love these rich pensive colors... the shock of red against the dark shadow of blue is divine!

    I love Gerbera daisies!


  11. Stunning daisies. Love the background also


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