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Monday, June 7, 2010

Vanilla Frosted, 6x6, Oil

*Special Announcement*
I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to join a NEW group of online Daily Painters, called the Daily Painters Originals.  You'll see a lot of new links on my bloglist, they are really fine artists, and hopefully there will always be fun, fresh paint for you to look on our new site!

On National Donut Day I went in for my FREE jelly donut at Dunkin's... so excited to paint it on this red checked tablecloth, and.... they were OUT of jellies.  Hmmmm... Strawberry?  Out.   Well, so they had Vanilla Frosted, and I'd never painted one of those.  I do have to say that sitting under the lights makes the donuts SMELL fresh - a torture, I assure you!
$100 & $10 S&H via Paypal
Email me with questions at


  1. What a great honor, so excited for you. Let be one of the first to say congratulatins, go Kelley!! oh and by the way the doughnuts you've been painting are fab, the make my mouth water.

  2. Congratulations Kelley! That looks
    like a great group of artists you are posting with. Wahoo!

  3. You rock!! Dedication and perserverence, pay off.
    What? No JELLIES???
    Love the red checkered cloth here.

  4. Yummy donut and tablecloth. I love the checkered squares with the round pastry--awesome!

  5. Congratulations, Kelley. You've worked hard for this. Hope it will be really good for you! And the doughnuts--I'm craving one!

  6. Delicious looking donut, Kelley. What! You mean I missed National Donut Day. How'd that happen? I must have been painting and lost all track of time. LOL Congratulations on being asked to join the new painter's blog. What an honor.

  7. So glad they were out of "jellies". Love the tablecloth. Happy to be with you on DPO.

  8. What a fabulous honor! Congrats!!! You SO deserve it. The happy vibes were flowing as this painting is quite stellar - the donut so yummy - but the tablecloth really makes it all pop!!! You are on a roll. Love watching you make your dreams come true!! :)

  9. You should celebrate with a doughnut, even if it is vanilla...this is wonderful. The single strokes that make up the cloth are brilliant, I will look to this piece when I want to paint checks!

  10. Kelley, What great news! Wonderful painting, and wonderful honor! You deserve this! You are so consistent, and so talented!

  11. I was voting for you on the DP competition.
    You are everywhere ha?
    I am going to have Doughnut for dinner. Yammi.
    The hell with the diet!

  12. You are strong willed to paint such treats - I will not, could not, would not resist the urge to eat my model.

    I love the painting and the red check table cloth gives it extra charm!

  13. Congratulations on being a part of DPO! Well deserved!

    Great donut! I think the tablecloth adds quite a lot to this painting.

  14. Bravo Kelley ~ I voted for you ! Am new to the DP and truly I marvel at how much you are passionately devoted to your growth as an artist ! I painted my first pastel in years - thanks for your inspiration ! ! !

  15. I can't stand it! It's still Saturday morning and I still haven't gone after those donuts. I want one just like this!

    Congratulations on your good news!!!

    P.S. "sellin" is my word verification

  16. Congrats on the invite, Kelley!

    I adore the checkered cloth in this one!



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