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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peep Double Date, 6x6 Oil

My son named this one for me. I'm back in the saddle, back at the studio (well, I was there yesterday, too, but 3 wipe-offs later I called it a day). I want to thank all of you who commented on my last post, on the blog and through email - it was overwhelming, the wonderful support from all of you, artists and non-artists alike. What a wonderful community the blogsphere is. It meant so much to me. I have centered myself, and am focusing on painting what I like, with an EYE to doing a series, and I'm just going to see where that leads. I'll post one of these on my Studio Blog.


  1. The little peeps... they look perfectly soft and spongy! Are they in the stores already??? My head spins with the holiday changes.

  2. Oh oh oh PEEPS! I could eat like three packs of these in one sitting. Yum. Just told my 9 year old the truth about the Easter Bunny tonight. It was awful, but she has been after me for about 6 months, and she's a smart cookie so I could lie anymore! SO SAD! :-(

  3. Ah, the peeps ... one of my favorite signs of spring!

    Glad to see you back in the saddle. (Now I need to take my OWN advice and get some new paintings posted!)

  4. I think your son's name for this painting is perfect!
    Love those peeps! I know Spring is close just thinking about them!

  5. Oh, yeah, Laurel - the Easter candy is there - just to torment me! Katie, I had to let these sit under the lights so I wouldn't eat them! POOR CLAIRE. I remember those days.

    Thank you Karen. Looking forward to seeing your new things! Manon, I think I may have to employ Conor to name my posts! Thanks so much!


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