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Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Daily Painting Today

Just fooling around with this painting of my cats hesitating at the doorway, when they see snow still on the ground. I'm calling it "Who's The Decider?" Acrylic, 20x24.

Underneath is my cat Isabelle taking a nap(?) but HOW can she be comfortable like this? Both cats camp in dining room chairs right near my taboret while I'm painting acrylics at home. I love having them nearby, and they seem to enjoy having me around, too. When I take a break (to put laundry upstairs or something exciting like that) Harry bounds off the chair and follows me, wherever I go, and I love that.

I painted a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee today, but after one wipe off, and 2 hours, the elipses did me in. Sorry - better tomorrow!


  1. Your blog is wonderful and I look forward to seeing what you've painted next. Love the funny photo of your cat on the chair,, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this painting of the cats. The perspective, the colors and the shapes are great!
    Love Isabelle's 'meditative'pose.
    Nice post.

  3. Kelley, I love your painting of your two kitties. Just beautiful, great colors, and the bird's eye view is a great! Our cat, Hercules, will hiss at us if we open the door and it is raining outside, which he hates. Seems to be a similar theme.

  4. Love the cats' poses at the was nice of them to cooperate. Nice painting.

  5. Ellipses are brutal.

    LOVE the painting!!! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

    Oh, I want to kiss those paws! I'm so bummed my cats can't join me in my studio. I have just too much wet paint and pastels and stuff on every surface, and we all know how cats like to jump up onto tabletops and brush up against wet paint....

  6. Great painting of the cats!
    Isabelle is so sweet! If I slept in that position I'd need a chiropractor!!

  7. Love, love, love the painting! the composition, the colors ... the glimpses of underpainting, especially the bits of orange peeking out from the dark fur of the cat on the left.

    Your photo of Isabelle really makes me laugh. Cats can be just so wonderfully strange. Our Ray likes to sleep on any pile of stuff, the lumpier the better. A box of rocks would do him just fine, I think.

  8. I LOVE the style of this particular painting, Kelley!

    The colors are super intense and exaggerated and the cats almost look whimsical in appearance.

    Has a definite illustrative feel to it.

    Would love to see more like this one!


  9. What an artist you are! Both of these paintings are great, but I LOVE the one of Isabelle.


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