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Monday, October 15, 2007

It's A Dog's Life (Sometimes)

OK, here's another weird thing about me. I love dogs - to the extent that every September I find out the dates for the Bay Colony Dog Show in Boston (Always early December) and cross the day off my calendar so I won't accidently schedule anything else, and I go with my chair and my sketchbook all by myself to the show. It's overwhelming, but I try to pick a few breeds and hang out there for a while. I concentrate on
Pugs, my personal favorite, but I also love the Scotties, Cairns, Corgi's, Bernese Mountain Dogs, all the Belgians (the Malanois, the Sheepdog and the Turvuren), the Australian Terriers, the Boston Terriers, the Flat Coated Retreivers, and... well, that's not exactly CONCENTRATING, is it? Anyway, in addition to the little pug posted much earlier on my blog, here's my tiny dog collection....

This was a little girl bulldog trying to be good while waiting for her turn in the ring...
This was a darling Scottie (I gave her a less cluttered background)...

And there's just something about yellow labs, isn't there? I had a black lab cross (never actually owned a purebred!) who was my best friend and painting companion, gone 11 years and I still miss her....

And don't you love how we can 'accessorize' them? All of these are oil paintings, the Scottie and the Bulldog are 4x4, the two Labs are 5x7.


  1. I love the corgi painting! Would you like to join other corgi owners at

  2. Hi, We're featuring you at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News

  3. Cool dog paintings and now the dog clubs want you. That's networking!

  4. Wow! Cool paintings, Kelley. I represent the Bay Colony Dog Show ( and hope to meet you at the show this year (Dec. 6-9, 2007 at the Bayside again). Let me know what I can do to help you out... and thanks for your loyalty to the show (and the plug!). Any dog lovers reading this post: there is a discount coupon for this AKC event on the website.


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