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Friday, October 5, 2007

Hull Sunsets, 6x6 Oil

I once lived in a beautiful town called Hull, MA. It's a peninsula that stretches up from the South Shore of Boston into Boston Harbor. If you've ever flown out of Logan Airport going south, you could probably see it's unique shape from the window as you pass over it. Because it's such a narrow finger of land, ocean on one side, bay on the other, and it's low, you get incredible light throughout the day. But the most magical time is sunset, when literally if you look west you see something like I've painted above, and if you look east you see the reflected light in the sky over the Atlantic, all pink, purple and teal. I've never been anyplace like it.

Now, I've been fortunate enough to be commissioned to paint 6 small Hull sunsets. I've been working from photos, and if anybody ever tells you they did an entire painting from 'life' when doing a sunset... be suspicious! This moments are fleeting! The first two, shown here, are complete, with the exception of the grass, etc. that blew on the wet paint. That will flake off when dry. I'm mid-way through the third, and will post #3 and #4 together. So these are not for sale, although I'd take one more commission on similar ones before the holidays.


  1. I love your sunsets...I would love to see them 6 foot by 6 foot making them almost surreal....just a thought...

  2. You're not going to believe this, but I've been going bigger (in my clandestine studio) one weird sunRISE is 12 x48... I think i'm working UP to 6x6 feet... :)


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