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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Isabelle On The Lookout

This 12x12 painting is not a daily painting, but it got into the Duxbury Art Association's Winter Juried show, which runs through the month of Febrary. I tried for about 7 years to get in this show and finally got in with this painting. My two daily paintings done this weekend we do-overs, lipstick and makeup themed - maybe I should just stick to food!


  1. Kells, this painting of Isabelle is so different from what I'v seen from you. I love this style of painting.

  2. Love her (Isabelle)and I love the painting!
    I visited Duxbury on Saturday afternoon hoping for a sneak peek at the juried show, but the gallery was locked up tight.
    I'll go back this week however because it looked terrific! Keep on keeping on.

  3. Wow!
    wonderful design and a kick ass painting! You rock!
    Off to photograph my strawberries and post them. XO


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