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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Koi, 6x6 inch Acrylic by Kelley MacDonald

Right now my cup runneth over.  I will share everything bit by bit with you, my blogosphere friends, but for today... my 3 classes are running very well.  Am I just blessed with incredible people signing up for the classes - QUITE POSSIBLY!

I think it's a combination of their talent (which they will, to a person, deny), attitude of openness to the tasks, and their just goodness.  I love the days I teach.  Sometimes my demos make me happy, sometimes not.  Today was a YES day.  As a matter of fact I was going to name this painting "Saying Yes To All the Good".

Does this mean I don't have worries?  HA!  That everything is smooth and I am not agonizing over this friend or that?  NOPE.  (we will not mention politics here, just ART and LOVE) :)  No, but I have been saying YES to a LOT of things, and am sometimes overwhelmed, but... I am receiving back a thousand fold.  So... thanks for following.

I love these little Koi, and will probably paint them BIG.  Ya Think?


  1. This painting is BEAUTIFUL. I bet your classes are wonderful.You have SO much to offer.

  2. Beautiful water and wonderful brush strokes which evoke the fleetingness of the koi!

  3. This is an incredible painting. I love it.


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