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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pocket Treasure, 6x6 Inch Acrylic by Kelley MacDonald

Tonight I had the great pleasure of doing a demo at the Foxboro Art Association.  I love doing demos because I always get to meet such great people.  These are serious artists and they had good questions, and there seemed to be a number of connections we had in common.  No, thesis not what I painted - I painted this on a retreat in Maine recently, with good girlfriend time (oh, and good Pug time I should add) and sweet time at the lake.  Tonight I did a donut painting.  A bit of spiffing up and I'll share it here.

My Dad always had hard candies in his pocket.  That is one reason I love to paint them.  Also... you know how you just get a tickle in your throat when you just shouldn't be making any noise?  Yeah, these are great for those times.  


  1. Love the painting. Your classes sound awesome

  2. I have always loved your hard candy in wrapper paintings! You captured the butterscotch taste, feel, and look perfectly.


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