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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jelly War, 12x12 inch Framed Acrylic jPainting by Kelley MacDonald

I had so much fun with this painting!  Very contemporary, and framed in a black floater frame (which I am including free - and can be purchased without the frame as well), it was fun from start to finish.  After I painted it a friend said it looked like the jelly donuts had been fighting, and one, well, did better than the other - yes, the Mike Tyson of Jelly Donuts on the lower right ;).

People ask me "Do you prefer Oil or Acrylic paint?"  And my answer, unqualified, is "YES".  When I'm using my oils I sink into their juicy glow.  When I'm going to town with my acrylics I glory in their ability to stay with my plan, even when I change it - they're fun, they're unapologetic, they take to chunky strokes, and can disguise themselves as oil paint.

This gang got a lot of attention at my Open Studio, and I have to say I just love the assortment.  BTW I 'discovered' a new donut shop in Fall River this week.  Look for new, crazy donuts coming up soon.


  1. I am especially digging the highlight on the chocolate iced in the bottom left. This is fun and fresh and I know the colors pop when surrounded by the black floater frame. A great contemporary look.

  2. Ah Kelly - these certainly look good enough to eat...especially those jelly-filled ones. Hope you are having a great day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. they look like a bunch of hooligans to me ;)
    Nice work.

  4. Amazing, absolutely amazing! And they seem life-size to me, or am I just hungry?

  5. Those crazy donuts! I agree with Mary - they are a bunch of hooligans. I like this format with 4 yummy donuts.


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