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Friday, September 26, 2014

Close Up, 5x7 Oil painting by Kelley MacDonald

I love the deep soulful gaze of a pug!  

I'm having a yard / y'art sale this Saturday - come on by for some extra specially priced older paintings both large and small, or for wood frames, gold, dark brown, black... etc.  I have downsized my studio and simply cannot keep everything.  I also have assorted occasional furniture items, kitchen stuff - hey, while I'm at it why not de-clutter a LITTLE! :)
Good time of year to start thinking of the Holidays, too.  

In the studio I'm working away to clear up my commissions, because I want to be ready for the October influx for the Holidays.  I'm also playing a bit with abstraction.  Trust me, a good abstract is HARDER to paint than a good realist painting!


  1. Well, that must be Paco! He is so adorable. Have you ever seen the screen saver that is of a Pug inside the computer licking your screen clean? It's so cute. I bet you could do a search and find it.

  2. oh the furry furrows of a pug. Worried is the look ;)
    Love the painting and wishing you success with your downsizing.
    I seem to be able to avoid all of that by traveling but now I have to go home and it stresses me to know how much stuff is there and at my studio…….aaacckkkkkkkkk

  3. Kelley, you inspire me to no end! You can paint , and get organized, all at once! Beautiful work, as always!


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