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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do Not Adjust Your Set... 4x4 Inch Forsythia by Kelley MacDonald

A different pink background, a different size.  I love exploring a subject in a series!  I have one other background I'd like to explore, as well... coming up Monday!  Two rather big happenings in the next couple of weeks:  

April 25, Thursday, from 5-9
I'm the Featured Artist at Sea Rose Cottage on Constitution Rd, Bristol, RI
Bristol Art Night 
Come, be a friendly face, and view the gorgeous decorating ideas at the Cottage!

 And for the month of May I'm one of the South Coast Artists showing at Spring Bull Gallery on Bellview Ave in Newport!


  1. Congratulations on being the featured artist and for the gallery exhibition. Kelley. I'm positive this is the same flowering bush I have outside my window. I do not think, however, we have flowers yet on it. Of course, I haven't really looked, oddly enough. Been raining for a few days out here (which I love), causing flooding and the hospital was just evacuated yesterday (flooding).

  2. You are one busy girl! Your paintings are gorgeous.

  3. Congrats Kelley. You have always got it going. You are such an inspiration Love the pink

  4. I love the two colours together Kelly! So vibrant :0)

  5. congratulations on your shows and best of luck! this is so vibrantly alive and bright! lovely my friend.

  6. Intense vibrant Kelley, really a trademark of your work. Love your energy!


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