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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Check Out Providence Art Club!

Oh, you MUST stop by if you are in Providence during the next few weeks!
11 Thomas Street, Providence.  There's usually parking on the streets above and below
 (Benefit and S. Main)

The wonderful space, the holiday decorations, fireplaces warming you, and literally hundreds of small works, all under $250.  Mine pictured here are acrylic under resin paintings, and they are $150 each.

It is an experience any time to visit the Club, and a destination for a nice lunch at one of the restaurants nearby would make it a perfect Holiday expedition.  It is near the RISD Museum, and the RISD art store.  About a mile from Utrecht and Jerry's... not to mention Providence Place.  Walkable from the commuter rail train... seriously, you're going to thank me for recommending this!  I wish I could take you all to lunch there!


  1. Sounds like it will be a wonderful holiday season out there in Providence, art wise for sure. Good luck with sales, Kelley. And I wish you could take me to lunch too! LOL

  2. you do the BEST cards! I love those little paintings. They are your most colorful works.

  3. Kelley, love these playful little abstracts, so fun and charming! Best wishes for the best holdays ever, and may all of your dreams come true!


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