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Friday, November 30, 2012

Long time no blog!  Well, between the holiday and family birthdays and a couple of days of outside work and still getting ready for all the holiday shows (last paintings will be delivered for a Tiverton Show this weekend!), framing, varnishing, delivering, etc.... I apologize!  I WILL have a post tomorrow - it's totally out of (my) character - we'll see if you like it!

I was been lucky enough to be invited to a 'Sketch and Sip' evening at Nancy Colella's with a couple of other artists (who are AWESOME, you should definitely check out their work)... Joanne Chittick and Sue Dragoo Lembo.  We did what is called 'Contour drawings' (just lines) and there were 'blind' and 'not blind' drawings.  Blind drawings were ones where you looked at the subject and NEVER lifted your pen off the page.  Then we moved on to where you COULD lift your pen, reposition it (for, example to move it to the eye area) etc. etc.  Here are some from that evening:

The evening was hilarious, and filled with congeniality, and I felt honored to chat with these women about artist blocks, shows, galleries, and all sorts of things you think about alone in your studio.  The food, as well, was fabulous, and I have a new recipe to try:  Tortilla Soup!  I'll let you know how I do!

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