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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ah-love Olives! 6x6 Inches, Oil

$125 & $10 S&H

Well, that's my version of a Southern accent!  I have made so many friends from the South in the past year and I must say their accent has become quite dear to me.  And another dear thing to me is those little green olives with the red stuffing!

As a matter of fact, in my Painting Workshop next week (see top right of blog to register) we are going to be painting some of the bad boys, in and out of martini's.  Of course, I think that may make us work up a fierce thirst, and I'm thinking of a place where we can find a nice frosty one after class!  I am so looking forward to painting with these gals.  Look for more olives next week!  And more sweets - I'm working on a larger cupcake painting - maybe it'll be ready to serve up for the Donut War on Monday with Susan Roden!

Had a great group at the Blogging Workshop last night at North River - I am simply BLESSED with the fantastic people I'm meeting in my line of business!


  1. I love olives too, but can you believe for once I don't seem too suggestible this a.m.? All I'm wanting is my coffee today. Love the way you've handled the red beneath the olives.

  2. I love the pops of red also...and the red on the top and bottom of the canvas. great compositon. So wish I could attend a should do one in Virginia! Or an online blog talk. It would be so fun and so good for me. Love the olives!

  3. I am a big fan of your olive paintings. For some reason they just have such personality- its in the way you paint them:) And I adore the shadow side of the pimento- ah-mazing.
    Counting my self one of those "said southern friends"- we might have elongated the word olive to at least 3 syllables! Haha:)
    Lucky workshop students- know it will be amazing!

  4. As one of your southern friends, Ah don't love olives, but Ah-love your painting!

  5. Love this and it surely does make one thirsty. I am also honored to be one of your Southern friends.

  6. Kelley, love the red you used here, it sets the olives off so wonderfully. Very dynamic, cool girl. Do I qualify for a southern friend even if I don't have the accent. But I can do a wonderful southern accent if you want me to.

  7. perfect! i love the red...what is that...pimento?...echoed in the background of these lovely olives. ah-like olives but ah-love this painting! looking forward to more from you and the class! enjoy!

  8. As an another southern, I resemble that remark. Haha. Love the olives. Great colors. Have fun at your workshop.

  9. what? I thought I commented on this.
    Love, love, love the red/green color harmony set off so beautifully by the icy blue. Wonderful. and ah love olives too :D


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