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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Cove, Maine, 8x8 Inches, Oil

This is a painting done from a study I did in Maine at Christmas cove.  Lovely, lovely place.  This painting has lots of thick paint, which is giving off a bit of glare.  This 8x8 inch piece is done on cradled panel - so frame or don't if you want a more contemporary look.  While the painting is scheduled to hang at the Holiday Show at Nest in Dedham, if you would like it you can email me at, and purchase it through me.  The price is $200, and it is wired and ready to hang.  Shipping would be $10.

AND... I thought I had showed you before, when in Hilton Head with Karin Jurick's workshop,  but here it is... Rhode Island Red Chickens, also in Maine last summer.  My pal Jody and I were a little lost, and we went down a road that got smaller and smaller - and we passed this: 

I am BUSY making my famous meatballs for FRIDAY night!  There is talk on the internet of various BLOGGERS planning to invade the Girls Just Wanna Paint Opening at the James Library!
6-9!  Let's see if Georgia and Virginia make a showing....


  1. What a gorgeous little paintings! I so love the Christmas Cove piece and it highlights my dreams of Maine. I am feeling sorry for the Adirondacks. Birds and poop go hand in hand! LOL Stunning work, Kelley!

  2. Love both paintings Kelley! You just can paint anything! The Christmas Cove one is so peaceful looking, and the chickens are just having too much fun! I love those types of chairs too so it looks like you caught them at a great moment for a painting!

  3. Did I hear a CHALLENGE? Don't be surprised on Friday hahaha. Love them both but partial to the Chickens since I saw you paint that one at the Fabulous Karin Jurick workshop.

  4. I think I hear a challenge too! If only we could!
    Wonderful Christmas Cove- just all around sweet feel to it.
    LOVE those chickens! One of my favorites of yours...saw you paint that one and Karin loved it to. Wonderful whimsical and fun.

  5. I love the chickens on the adirondack chairs, Kelley. And, the roads in Maine often get smaller and smaller. We went down one that actually had a sign at the end that says "end of the road" and I took a picutre, of course. I really love this painting.

  6. Leslie, I figured you would have had to have left YESTERDAY - and didn't see any indication that you were hopping in the car... still... you could surprise us!
    COME on! Must I make this a 'throw down'???

  7. Ok, OK, I wanted to surprise you. I saw the chicken painting and loved it and so now I want to see Christmas Cove in person. I know it is amazing! I will drive up tomorrow in my red sports car. Looking forward to seeing you! Those meatballs better be good! (Share recipe?) :-D

  8. Great paintings. Good luck with the show.

  9. both paintings are gorgeous, but I am in love with the chicken painting! Best wishes for a great show!


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