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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Popasquash Couple II, 6x6 inches, Oil

Last week my class was about painting from photographs, and making them 'more' than the photos.  I had a pile of my older photos and this was in there.  I've painted them before, and I just love their rich, creamy fur.  They kind of had that 'What're YOU lookin' at?" attitude!

I think I neglected to mention that my Challenge, Group, Girls Just Wanna Paint, has our March submissions up and ready for viewing.  There's a link on the right to the article about us (with our photos, hamming it up) form the South Shore Living Magazine.  Fun!

And... now, your moment of Zen...
My Harry....


  1. Love the sheep, beautiful job on the wool, and love seeing Harry, such a handsome kitty!

  2. This is great, Kelley! Just love that creamy background. Beautiful!

  3. Love this painting rich and creamy

  4. Sheep are already such calm animals and the application of lush, quiet colors adds more emphasis to the peacefulness and beauty of these two. Your Harry is delightful.

  5. Amazing how you get the attitude of these animals with your soft touch... lovely!

    Harry is adorable and has mastered the art of relaxation!


  6. This is a favorite. Look at the brushstrokes and how you followed the form to make the caboose end of the Mrs P. Just love that. Really thick and fun texture to them. Like that attitude. Really nice shadows. Kelley you can paint anything and well! You rock!

  7. Kelley...just love the expression on the whitish he is saying "and your point is....."

  8. Baaaaaaeautiful!!! I also love Harry, such a sweetie!

  9. Auntie took me on a tour of Popasquash last summer and we saw these sheep! Great design here Kelley and the brushwork is great.


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