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Friday, January 14, 2011

Now For Something Completely Different

A few years ago, fellow artist Paula Villanova and I visited San Miguel, Mexico.  Actually we've been three times, but this particular time there was a celebration of the native indigenous tribes, and their various groups had costumes and danced in a huge parade that lasted  - well, it felt like hours.  I snapped a shot of this girl, and I have always loved it - she was spinning and dancing in a group, but totally self absorbed.  Behind her are the men of another group.  Thinking of 'motion' paintings for an upcoming juried show.  I am just doing a lot of little sketches here...


  1. Very nice! You captured motion very well in this one I think.

  2. Lots of energy here! I like the colors, too. VERY nice!

  3. You can really feel the energy of the dance. Lovely colors and motion:)

  4. lovely motion and brushwork, just beauiful!

  5. Great job of harnessing that energy! Love the movement and vivid colors!


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