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Friday, July 23, 2010

Are We There Yet? 6x6, Acrylic

This gaggle of Canada Geese was crossing the road down the street from me. It was a family - 3 youngsters and 2 adults (well, that's what it looked like), and reminded me of my own family and trips we'd taken. There was always the question, "Are We There Yet?" and my husband and I would look at each other like the 2 geese on the right. With a *sigh*.
Also, yes, these are "Canada Geese", as opposed to "Canadian Geese" as you sometimes hear... they don't have Canadian passports....
My husband's favorite part of this painting is the guardrail. Yup, the guardrail....

If you're down in the Duxbury way this weekend, I have 2 paintings in the Midsummer Members' Show at the Duxbury Art Association! I also have 20 little paintings at goooood prices in the members' studio sale!


  1. What a great little painting, Kelley. Reminds me of the wild turkeys in my yard last week,3 Adults and 12 little ones.
    I didn't look carefully at the time for drop off at Dux. and arrived too late. Good luck with the show.

  2. This one is awesome ;)

  3. How many times do we see this scene and drive on by? Nice piece.

  4. Hi Kelley,
    Lovely geese, and your husband is right...........that's one awesome guard rail! Really nice.

  5. What i like about the painting is how I can feel tons of personality from the geese. Good Luck the weekend.

  6. great subject! How many times do we just let them cross....never thought about painting them.

  7. Kelley,, Adorable! I love your bird and animal paintings. You capture the little personalities of these critters.

  8. What a great painting! Love the title too. These geese have so much personality. I really like the way the guardrail divides the canvas. Really nice work!

  9. good job Kelley! Super story too!

  10. these Canada geese are great- important.
    Because they stop us from where we are heading, and pause us in the moment.
    Lots of folks get mad at them, but I love em- they are sweet, even though they poop on everything!
    well, who doesn't poop?

  11. I can just hear them, and feel the movement of them. Darling painting.


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