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Friday, January 15, 2010

PB&J, 6x6 Oil


Lunch today. I was a little stymied because I still had the plein air paint in my portable easel and I painted at home. My Colin Page workshop had us use one red (ONE! My God I must have 15 reds at the studio!) and I find jelly to be so dimensional I like to layer a lot of reds. Bread was HARD (to paint... it was actually quite delicious, as I usually have a higher fiber bread, but wanted to paint the sandwich I ate at least 3 days a week for, like, 8 years.


  1. Hey Kelly,

    Glad you're still trying things from my class! I've been adding a cad red medium to my palette lately... so if you want to bring one of those 15 (!!!!) other reds on to your palette I wouldn't argue against it all of that vehemently.

    And I love the pb+j painting. It's so fun to paint something so everyday. Good luck with your work.


  2. what a wonderful work !!
    have a nice weekend Kelley !

  3. Makes me want to eat one. I like it.
    You will do a slammin' job tomorrow. Good luck!

  4. Cool painting...and best wishes tomorrow. Your lucky students will benefit greatly from your guidance.

  5. Are there even 15 reds, Kelly? I am afraid in my neck of the woods that would be impossible to find! As usual your depictions of ordinary comfort food is so clever and spot-on! The result is a warm, homely feeling and people just want to chat with you!

  6. Bread! Ack! I swear your blog makes me realize there's so much more than fruit to paint. Maybe today is the day I'll try bread. Problem is, I think I'd eat the sandwich. Yes, yes, I would.

    It looks great, I like the brushwork creating the bread -

  7. Kelley!

    I love the little secret bits of blue you snuck into the sandwich.

    I see them!


  8. This looks good Kelley-Im hungry now.

  9. Oh Kelley Kelley this is a goodie! Love it. You left those wonderful strokes to speak for themselves and they did!

  10. Amazing painting! I love your work and your blog. Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to more of your work.


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