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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wiiiiiiiipe Out! Also, Favorite Coffee Cup, Oil, 6x6

Favorite Coffee Cup, yxy
$100 + $10 S&H via Paypal

You know how you have a mug or a cup that everything just tastes better in? One that just fits in your hand and everything about it, the color, the shape, is just what you love? No? You're not crazy attached to things like that? OK. I am. Definitely - this is my 'go-to' cup, it's from Sweeden, from Rorstrand (lots of RRRRRrrrr's there, I guess), and it's called Sweedish Grace and it actually has the most subtle wheat pattern on it. Today I found out that a hairline crack lets liquid leak out of it. So it is retired to the studio (where it leaked coffee all over my green cloth!). I painted it yesterday (below) but wiped it off, because after I made this just fine painting, I decided to get all anal and painted in the wheat sheaves - which completely ruined the painting. Wiped it off, and did the above painting today. And below, last but not least, a gift for all of you, tonight's sunset. Unbelievable. Also I'm updating my studio blog, and Paco's blog, too!



  1. Both are very nice paintings and yes I can agree with the favourite mug idea. I have three favourites none are what you would call made by any special companies but all have special meaning to me. The first which I use most was given to me on a special birthday by three of the grand children at the stables where I keep my horses it has horses on it and they bought it with their own saved up money. The second which I only drink coffee from was given to me by someone special while on his tour of duty in Iraq. Third and most special is a plain white mug with the words CLASSY LADY on it...the name of my first horse and given to me by a friend when I first bought her.....I don't actually use it now but would never throw it you see Kelly your not mad at all, or at least if you are you keep good company :))

  2. First thank you for the beautiful sunset, you live in a movie star location if you can see that out your window. I'm really sorry to hear about your mug, but the colors on these paintings are spectacular! Well done old girl, well done ( can you hear my british accent?)

  3. hi kelley!
    oh my gosh! you are amazing! i love all of your mug paintings!

    my favorite the the one you finished today! the colors are so vibrant and inviting.

    i think i need to go mug shopping. i need a special one too! heeee!


  4. Terrific job, Kelley! That blue is so gorgeous and you caught the ceramic feel perfectly. Very nice reflections!

  5. Kelley!

    Of the two coffee cup paintings, the top one is the strongest IMHO.

    The bottom one doesn't pop as much as the top painting.

    Something about that dark, royal blue that works so well here.

    Oh, and you might just have to start a sunset blog next!


  6. I can totally relate to the favorite mug and have even lugged them here to Cancun, before they got that Americans like BIG mugs :D
    Great paintings here.

  7. Hey Kelly, these are way cool and make striking paintings. How tough to pull off that shade of green!


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