Thursday, April 3, 2008

Honey Bear, 4x6, Oil

What's that phrase?  "Necessity necessitates?"  Well, there I was at the studio with nothing, NOTHING to paint for a Daily Painting.  I couldn't make myself paint another mug, although I got a cool one for my birthday specifically for the studio.  So to go with a nice herb tea I have a little 'honey bear'.  Put it in the black box and, voila`!

I also mistakenly posted on my Studio Blog instead of here, a  Featured Artist, fellow blogger, Phyllis Adams.  She does cool paintings of dogs, so check her out!

Also you may notice a Monday Morning Painters link, over to the right.  If any of you would like to paint with us, it's a weekly plein air session - no 'leader', but I'll post directions to the site every week.  It's not a club, it's just a weekly site - please feel free to join us!
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  1. I SWEAR I was going to paint MY honey bear today too - I had it all set up in my light box - paint mixed and then changed my mind!
    funny. see you sunday, deb

  2. Sweet, no pun intended.
    I like the bird painting on the masthead.

  3. He's so cute!!!He would go good with cheerios(is that how you spell it?)and banannas.....

    Claire (katies daughter)


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