Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Powdered or Sugared? 2 6x8 Oil paintings

Also apologies for all the glare on this photo.
The alternate title for this one is "MEDIC!  Rocco's been bit!"  Based on how the two towers look like they're either fighting or playing polo, AND the fact that I saw a little baby named Rocco this weekend.  Yes, I live in Rhode Island - that's one of the ways you know!  It's kind of comforting to know that in the world full of Phin and Hazel babies, there are still Rocco babies, too, don't you think?
Anyway, this is the NEXT to the last of the donut paintings, so you can relax if you just hate them!  Hopefully tomorrow's will be a treat (Thursday's if not tomorrow's) I promise.  I'll be going to Butler's Donut Shoppe in Somerset, MA, and yes, there'll be leftovers if anyone wants to stop by the studio around 2 before I dispose of them!
Today's donuts are from Sip 'n Dip - much fresher, and more 'pillowy' than Dunkin's.  I was really getting to enjoy the texture of the two types, the ones on the left, coated with powdered sugar, the ones on the right tossed in regular granulated sugar.  Pretty soon I won't be able to even look at a donut - lookin' forward to that day....
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  1. I've been afraid to come by here for fear of getting a sugar high ;)
    Either that or I'll be running out to get some of these.
    Nicely done.

  2. Yum! Kelley, these paintings of yours look so delicious ... I'm sitting here with my coffee and no donut, seriously contemplating making the 25-minute trip to the nearest Southern Maid Donuts!

  3. Hi Kelley,
    Your donuts are fantastic, and I really like the bird flying, I know how difficult catching motion can be, nice job. Waiting for Martha to come, hope it won't be too windy.

  4. wow! always amazed at how fluidly you can create paintings that are not only variable & expressive in color, subject, etc. even your brush strokes can change to reflect the mood of the painting. I love how loosely you made these donuts and how fine the result is...

    (I hope you're not feeding all these extra donuts to my dad... ;) )


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