Friday, April 18, 2008

Strutting, oil, 6x6

Obviously I love birds.  Animals of most kinds (millipedes are definitely left off the list!), actually.  But I seem to be able to paint what I feel for birds, as opposed to dogs or cats.  I like the neutral background - rather than it 'being nowhere', I find it focuses more on the character of the bird.  Or am I crazy? Pin It


  1. Not crazy at all...I did notice that you tend to have a solid background on your bird works...

  2. I like the plain backgrounds on your birds. And I love the soft edges on this little guy, especially around his breast and feet. And his tail. The twinkle in his eye is great, too ... makes him seem a little mischievous!

    I really like the bird painting you have in your blog header, too ... the colors, and the way the birds are grouped ... very nice!


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