Monday, April 7, 2008

Pirate's Cove Plein Air, 8x10 oil

This morning was the very first Monday Morning Painters session, and, it being overcast, 39 degrees, with 20+mph winds, I was the only idiot who showed up.  So I stuck it out in case anyone else came, and first I painted the little island in the cove, only to realize that it looked very, very much like my Gould Island paintings which I could do literally from inside my dining room, so.... I wiped it off.  I was wearing 5 layers, a fleece hat, a hood, thin gloves under my winter gardening gloves.... and it was still freezing.  The wind was rocking my CRV and threatening to drag my eassel into the water by catching the grocery bag tied to the side for paint rags...  NEVERTHELESS I soldiered on, and decided to paint the old quarry buildings across the cove.  Finished it with 2 warm-up breaks for thermos coffee (thank you, Tim) in the car... so here it is.  I don't know that I'll get an actual Daily Painting done, it's kind of  a crazy day, so this will possibly be the substitute!
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  1. Wow, Kelley, you really are a dedicated plein-air-ist! Very impressive. Only 39 degrees and nobody else showed up? Wimps! (Seriously, I’m afraid I would have been back in the studio with the rest of them, I’m pretty sure.)

    You really have captured the feel of a cold morning here ... just looking at this, I had to go and put on a sweater! :)

  2. love it!! sorry i didnt make it!! had to get my troops off to school then it got too late (and windy ;)!)
    so where is next weeks spot!!!

  3. I can totally feel the icy blast of wind.
    Not to mention that you posted this painting by 10 AM or so. Very productive. You go girl. I'll be looking forward to painting with you soon.
    I like it. Going back to the banyan tree on Thursday ;)


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