Friday, April 25, 2008

Odd Man Out, 6x12 Oil

Still inspired by Emily Eveleth (imagine if her mother named her Evelyn instead?) I'm onto #2 in this little series.  This one's dedicated to Valerie Vitalli's granddaughter because she liked the Strawberry one.  Today I was less cheap and invested in a half dozen donuts.  It being Dunkin Donuts, though, they were a little hard (?) and I had to 'encourage' the jellies to relax and sit loosely on each other (notice not much jelly escaped during the 'encouragement'!  They could put more in!).  The frosted Cake donut is the odd man out.  Probably fresher, too!  I approached it like a plein air painting - not so much seeing the 'donuts' as the shapes and values... it's getting easier!

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  1. Imagine what the comments where when Emily Eveleth was dating James Ames in high school.

  2. Hi Kelley, Love the donuts, really nice work - they look good enough to eat. The opening at Cape Cod was fun.

  3. mmmmmmmmm delish. Just so you know, it's 11:30 PM and I'd kill for one of those right now!


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