Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cape Cod Bliss, 14x18 Acrylic

Yesterday I went to the Cape with Denise Zompa and Phyllis Adams to drop off entries for the Cape Cod Juried Show.  We figured it was so gorgeous we should paint while we were there. I amazed them with my organizational skills at the Art Association drop off (I had printed out the information on all my entries and had everything neatly wrapped in bubble wrap, labeled, with my business card taped to the back, and remembered everything I'd need - a first for me!  HowEVER when we got to the painting spot I'd forgotten my BRUSHES, and my PALETTE.  Kind of tough to paint like that.  Fortunately I'd found an old half hardened brush in the bottom of my bag, and I had a 6x8 canvas still in it's wrapper, so with the borrowed brushes from Phyllis, using the canvas as my palette, I was able to cobble together a painting.  Still felt discombobulated, though.  But the painting was about the sky and the water, the feeling of the day.  Hopefully that comes though! Pin It


  1. Hi Kelley, I just found your blog via Carol Marine and I love this piece in particular (being a Cape Cod fan myself). AND then I see that you were there to drop off work at the Juried Show--are you talking about P'Town? Best, Cooper

  2. Really nice painting - the essence of the Cape in a quiet time- cool sand and nice sky do it for me.


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