Sunday, April 13, 2008

3rd Rocks, Oil 6x8

You know, contrary to what you might think, rocks are very difficult to paint!  The more you study them, the more their unique 'personality' becomes evident.  There are smooth and rough surfaces.  More shades of gray than you can imagine.  So I had to do one more, and I like to stack stones, like at the 'vortexes' in Sedona, etc.  I'm kind of klutzy at it, so my stacks are generally 4 or less.  On Block Island last Fall Tim & I came upon tons of these 'stacks' (if you know what they're called please clue me in!) at a beach.  I think it signifies a sacred places.  Or a place where there are a bunch of flat stones you can stack :}

Anyway, below I took a photo of how they're placed on the wall of my studio.  I HAD to go to the studio today because I dreamt of my bird painting I'm working on.  
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  1. These look great together. Nice job Kells.
    I believe the stacks of stones are called cairns. I saw them on Monhegan and collected some stones from there to make my own at home :D
    I also bring rocks home from Nova Scotia. Like we don't have enough rocks where I live ;)
    There's something about rocks isn't there?

  2. Kelley,
    Love the rocks, very zen like, like the compostion of the one with the tan background last posted, it has very serene feel and they also very well painted.
    Phyllis (just in case my id gets messed up)


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