Friday, March 8, 2013

Here's To You, 6x6 Inch Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Just fooling around today, on this 2nd snow day of the week.. and thought I'd have some fun with my acrylic paints.  This has layers and layers of fun colors, and the green martini is a real Girls Night Out kind of drink!

I'm reaaaaallly getting sick of winter, the pretty snow has lost all it's appeal to me as I try to get my little pug to walk in belly-deep snow.... we both need a blast of sunshine!  Hope you and yours have been safe during this latest round of storms...

Did I tell you that I'm making my Saturday class more of an 'ongoing' thing, rather than 8 weeks here, 10 weeks there?  Yup.  $25 for the day - and you don't have to reserve a spot, but it's nice for me to know how many to set up for.  People bring snacks, and we have a break where we look at work we've done between classes, for critiques - or just to show.  Come on down! :)
10-1 Saturdays, 32 Cole Street, Warren, RI
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  1. Sick of snow explains both the Floridian feel and the drink itself! LOL Personally I'd take the snow and winter over summer any day. That extreme heat and humidity...and the bugs...I just can't tolerate it at all like I could as a kid.

  2. Love the drink! And love that you'll have Saturday classes. I may join you in Spring now that I'm not afraid of the bus.


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