Monday, September 20, 2010

Spearmint Trio, Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

I've painted these candies before, but I really feel that doing the same subject a few times makes you 'know' it better.  Once agin, my Dad's birthday reminded me of these, as he always had a few tucked in every jacket pocket.  I miss him very much, and hope that somehow he sees and enjoys this painting!

I'm off for a week of painting on the Cape - lucky me - but I'll share what I do, probably by Wednesday I'll have some studies and plein air pieces to share.
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  1. Kelley, This one is is really nice! I love the colors, and the orange background peeking through!
    Great composition too!

  2. Very sweet. Know your father sees and loves this!! I quite like the lavender background with the mint green. Have fun painting on the Cape!!

  3. Happy trails Jelly Queen! (I'm leaving for a long weekend too, to paint pastries -oh, la, la! - in Albuquerque.) Can't wait to see your plain air studies.

    Love the candy!

  4. I love the brushwork on these. I hope you have a great week of painting!

  5. I too love this one. You can tell that is was done with your heart. Funny what memories candy can stir up. Good job.


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