Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Orange Dinghy, 6x8 Original Oil Painting by Kelley MacDonald

The harbor in Provincetown often has this very narrow orange dingy in it.  When the sun is setting it hits it's hull and it just sings!  I was a little discombobulated today in my 're-entry' to real life.  For almost a week I had just me to think about, and painting.  Today the dryer broke, I cooked a big breakfast for my family, one cat was practicing 'killing' the other cat, and Paco, my pug, just couldn't leave my side, and so he kept getting tripped over.  Oh, yeah, and I tried to paint.  So aside from the glare (which officially I promised not to mention), I'm pretty happy with it, all things considered.  

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  1. Love the orange and blue playing off each other, really like the calm, peacefulness of this piece. Sorry about the adjustment back to real life and why did you leave the Cape>

  2. The little orange dinghy is just a perfect jolt of color! Lovely painting! Welcome back to real life!
    Under the circumstances, you are doing great!


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