Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cluny Abby, Paris, 6x6 Originial Acrylic Painting by Kelley MacDonald

$100 & $10 S&H

A few of my fellow artists from the Daily Painters Originals are taking 'trips' to France - so here's my first contribution!  I loved the Cluny Chapel, and the stories of the Roman Baths in the basement.  Actually, I got a little lightheaded with all the beauty and history, and left my husband to wander inside, while I got some air and enjoyed the pink door and the hollyhocks which matched it!  So, I'd go back to Paris in a MINUTE, and revisit the relics, etc. at this particular church....  See what Kelley Sanford and Julie Hill have served up for their French Feast!
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  1. Very nice, Kelley! I love the pink door and the touches of pink peeking out all over the painting. I've never been to France, so I envy your time there!

  2. Oh, nice one, Kelley. An unexpected & very delightful french scene. The pink just sings against the other beautiful grays. I guess I better get to work on my next piece.

  3. Very nice...Kelley. A pink door, who can beat that...only in Paris does that really work! I am just loving this "France trip" we are much fun!

  4. LOVE Paris. Love this pink door of the Abbey! And love the story. Let's meet up in Paris for a painting trip - OK the husbands can come too. Great plan!!

  5. Kelley, I love this , with the pink door! I also love Debbi's idea of a trip to Paris, with the husbands! It's all wonderful!

  6. Tres bien...c'est magnifique, Kelley! I've been in Paris AND Beaune in less than a week...bon voyage!


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