Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jelly Perfection, Original Oil Painting By Kelley MacDonald

I think I mentioned that at my Open Studio as part of the South Coast Artist Tour I had a gentleman drive from the Boston area to get a donut painting that sold before the Opening.  I offered to paint him another one, and so I dutifully went to Dunkin Donuts and got more jellies.  To get this 'drip' you have to squeeze their plump little bellies.  But that's the beauty of it for me, that glow that the light makes on the drippy jelly.  I actually think (and an artist friend concurred) that this one is even better than the original one that sold.  I'm glad.  I appreciate his effort and support!
And I bet Susan Roden thought I was DONE with donuts - BWA-HA-HA-HA!
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  1. Kelley that was quite the evil laugh at the end. Lovely little donut. The oozing jelly is my favorite parts of your donut masterpieces. Every time I study them and I'm dazzled at how you catch the light in that tiny-weeny spot. Your making me hungry again.

  2. Mmmmmm! Looks so yummy! Great job capturing the sugar texture. Good enough to eat, I think I gained weight just looking at your post:)

  3. Ladies bring out your tools and let the battle begin! I was hoping the Donut War of 2010 continued - I love violence. :-) Great job with your first shot!

  4. That drip is amazing, and the donut looks like its puckering up for a kiss. Lovely.

  5. When is your DVD tutorial coming out? You are truly the mistress of all that is sweet and painterly.

  6. Ka-POW!
    I felt that one Jelly Queen, yet I have nothing to retaliate with - at this moment. Gearing up this weekend when I have a paint-off at a Caffe.
    Get ready for phase 2 of the Donut War.


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