Friday, February 19, 2010

Sunshine Award! And Roses, 6x12 Acrylic

Roses in February, 12x6 Acrylic
$100 & $10 Shipping  & Handling via PayPal

One fabulous by-product of Valentine's Day is wonderful subject matter to paint!

And I have been honored (not 3 but 4 times!) by being given the Sunshine Award!  I need to notify my 12 artists that I'd like to pass this on to, and list them with a link to their blogs here.  So although 12 is far fewer than the number of artists that actually bring rays of sunshine into my life ... here they are (if you don't show up here, don't be despondent, I could probably list at least double this amount and it would include YOU!)
  1. Sally Dean
  2. Kendra Ferreira
  3. Kristen Reitz-Green
  4. Nancy Hartley
  5. Jala Pfaff
  6. Mary Sheehan Winn
  7. Dreama Tolle Perry
  8. Kim Muller Thym
  9. Anne Winthrop Cordin
  10. Kathleen Coy
  11. Amy Hillenbrand
  12. Diane Hoeptner
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  1. Hello Kelley,
    This is one of my favorite canvas ratios and I do really like what you've done here. Really like the soft palette and the composition is wonderful. Through the swirls of paint, you made the roses look effortless, which we know they are not; very well done!

  2. Beautiful composition. I like the size of canvas - the roses look perfect on this size. The soft pink colors capture a beautiful bouquet. Nicely done!

  3. Kelley, Gorgeous painting, super composition, beautifully painted roses, what else can I say!! It's all fabulous!! Thank you so much for the sunshine award! This means a lot to me! I feel very honored!

  4. Beautiful roses, and congrats, Kelley!

  5. Congrats on the blog award, Kelley!!


  6. Love your roses as all of your paintings! Thank you for the sunshine award. I am honored!

  7. Thanks for including me on your most awesome list Kelley.

  8. Hi Kelley, Great blog and what beautiful paintings! I'm glad I found you again (I used to visit your blog regularly but . . . I don't know what happened :) ). You're on my 'favorites' now so I'll be back regularly. Thank you for sharing your artwork and your thoughts!

  9. Thanks Kelley for the Sunshine Award!That is so sweet of you, I feel honored. I love your roses, painting flowers is always a challenge for me, you do a beautiful, loose and painterly job.

  10. Love the drink paintings-how about Tequila Sunrise? How do I get the sunshine award image to appear on my blog so that I can thank you in a post??


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