Thursday, February 18, 2010

Countryware Teacup, 6x6 Oil

$100 plus $10 shipping and handling via PayPal 
In my former life I did things like collect teacups from china patterns that I liked.  This one was a Wedgewood pattern named 'Countryware' with leaf-like embossed forms.  

ALSO I got not one, not two, but THREE Sunshine Awards!!!!  I will post the award tomorrow with the folks that I'm giving this lovely award to - how COOL is that?

Also, my new subscription box (top left on the blog) actually works.  You can put your email address in and get my posts in your inbox.  I'm trying to enter all the people who WERE on my other carrier, so if it turns out you get two... apologies in advance, and feel free to unsubscribe.  But thank you so much for your patience!!
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  1. oh Kelley- are you signing me back up?
    Ive missed getting your blog delivered-
    stuff looks great- you just keep getting better and better! Of course- you were great to start with...

  2. Nice to be reconnected! I have the Wedgewood Countryware. It's what you ate on at our dinner here. Thought I recognized it. Lovely painting! You may recognize some Countryware plates on some of my earlier posts, like the gourd painting. Fun! Love china!

  3. Beautiful! The embossing couldn't have been easy to paint, but you did a really good job! The background is nice, too. Love your work!

  4. Oh Kelley I love this one, I love the colors, I love the composition, and i love the subject matter, beautiful!

  5. You just paint 'white' so well! Love the composition on this also, the way the spoon breaks up the left area. Genius.

  6. Love it - it has the same feeling as the lunch pail painting - maybe it's the colors? They are not easy colors to work with - nice job, and the positioning of the spoon handle is great -


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