Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fortune, Oil, 6x6

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"He who climbs the high tree has a right to the fruit".  And I love the background.. it's called "Radiant Violet" by Gamblin.  Good 'fortune' to you!
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  1. Gamblin's radiant colors are definitely eye candy! It makes a great background for your fortune cookie. Nice painting!

  2. this is great- good idea for a still life!

  3. Kelley, perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year! Best wishes for lots of good fortune in the new year!

  4. It is a great background and rendered very well.

  5. wow. the lettering is fantastic.
    Nice work, Kelley.

  6. Love this one, Kelley, very painterly. Great shadow under the fortune, and I love the background too. Those cookies look good enough to eat.

  7. Oooooh, this is a strong still life, Kelley!

    I love the composition, having the fortune cookie descend from the top of the painting with the fortune sprawled along the bottom.

    The colors are wonderfully bright yet subdued at the same time.

    The soft lavendar background goes so well with the color of the fortune cookie!



  8. Gotta love the yellow on the purple, err radiant violet. Really outstanding complimentary colors perfectly arranged for optimum pretty. But that text takes the cake Kelley, amazing!


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