Friday, February 5, 2010

Grammy Croft's Cream Whipper, Oil 5x7

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This was a tall pottery container my husband's grandmother used to whip cream (I was astonished when I learned this as a young woman - I thought whipped cream came out of an Redi-Whip container!). My MIL has some gems like this from that generation, that I borrowed to paint for my Challenge group's theme "Grandmother's Kitchen" this month. It's updated and available for viewing HERE. Do you guys want to see some photos from our 'dress-up' gathering for that theme last night? It was fun, we had all 50's food, and we dressed like our grannies. A fun, wild night, and getting to see the paintings in person was amazing as usual.
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    as always - beautiful.

  2. Beautiful, and makes me crave whipped cream now.
    And yes, please, pics from the 50s dress up... :-D

  3. I love the challenge and you did a wonderful job. Would love to see your pictures.

  4. This has a wonderfully nostalgic feel to it. Great job on the ceramic. The rusty/peachy background bring to mind my Grammy's Peach Ice Cream made in a similar crock.

  5. I like this one as much as Grampy Croft's Lunch Pail...(and you KNOW how much i like that one!) Nicely done.

  6. Love these kitchen classics. I have a whip cream whipper like that.....yes, let's see the photos.

  7. Kelley!

    I know this is going to sound dorky but I like how you incorporated the same colors of the still life into your signature/logo at the left-hand corning of the painting.


  8. wow, so full and energetic! I love it. Also, i would love to use that some time

  9. I really love the way you handled the flowers on the front; your paintings are always so fun to look at because they're so lush.

  10. I think this is a companion piece to Grampy Croft's lunch pail.
    Also, About my girls, I have never seen funnier photos!!!


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