Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Steps, Oil, 6x8

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My mom had a pink ceramic baby shoe for each baby.  I THINK this one was my sister's, as I seem to remember a big chip in mine.  But the pink was so delicate it was a bear to paint.  I suppose putting it in front of a pink background only made it more difficult, but I tried putting it on bright, neutral and white backgrounds, and none looked 'easy' (that's what I'm looking for...;).  So this is a sentimental piece, I wish I had these for my own babies....
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  1. I think you handled that soft pink just beautifully. And the colors of the dotted background and the green is just perfect. I like the shadow, too. Gives the painting depth. It is a lovely, sweet painting!

  2. What next, Kelley? Lovely soft and gentle image of a baby shoe in an unusual material.

  3. I love this Kelley!
    Sweet and lovely and the pink looks perfect.
    Great choice of colors for the set up!

  4. Your colors are perfectly delicate for the baby shoe. Love it!!
    My mom had our shoes bronzed.... not as pretty...lol!

  5. Kelley, so adorable! This would make a sweet baby shower gift, or a great present for a new mom! Perfect color combo!

  6. Nicely done, Kelley and it is so dellicate.

  7. Very sweet and beautifully painted, Kelley.

  8. I love everything about this sweet painting! Just beautiful!


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