Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pink Carnations, Oil, 6x6

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I used to dislike Carnations, and still am not too keen about most of them.  There seems to be a variety without fringe, and I like those, and then there are these oversized carnations with a deep pink color - I like these, too.  Working on the drinks paintings, and thank you all so MUCH for your suggestions.  Good thing I'm painting them and not drinking them, or nothing would get done!
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  1. you really captured the fringiness and softness of these hardy blooms.What's not to like?

  2. really beautiful. I think flowers are so difficult to capture their freshness and delicacy, kind of like a face.

  3. Great painting. Really like the composition. What I think you should do is have a drink while wearing a corsage.

  4. I like the off-centre placing and the roses entering the painting from the side. Lovely feathery texture!

  5. Kelley!

    I echo Sally Dean's comment.

    You did a nice job capturing the delicate nature of carnations.

    They may not be the most exciting flower but they last a LONG time in a vase full of water!



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