Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Step On It, 8x8 Oil

The scariest thing just happened - I clicked on my blog title to go to my blog and post, and my blog showed up, but 30 seconds into it a different address showed up in the browser ON ITS OWN and then this spam page came up. I tried it again and again, and could not get IN to my blog. I had to get here from Paco's blog and hit the 'x' on the browser as soon as the SPAM address came in. Blogger is no help on this, either. So... here I am... having snuck in, hoping someone can see it. These shoes were done in Denise Zompa's studio, getting ready for a show in Newport. Tried to keep it loose. RESTRAINT is my guide these days. Pin It


  1. OMG!!! So I'm on the way out the door and just thought I'd look at my dashboard and there were the shoes.... your shoes..... which should be my! I talked about a slight art supply problem on my blog today but really.... I have a shoe! The painting is fantastic!!
    These blogger problems and FB problems drive me mad!! I hope it resolves itself!!

  2. Beautiful blue shoes and bag! Fancy and fun!!
    I got on your blog this morning and could not stay more than a couple of seconds because of the spam. Seems to be ok now - at least on my end.
    Happy Painting!

  3. Wonderful painting Kelley. Jeanne

  4. Kelley, your blog shows up in my reader and when I clicked on it yesterday the same thing happened to me...twice.
    So I went to google you, it did not happen and it did not happen now on my reader either, you must have fixed it...
    Love the shoes!

  5. This is fantastic!! Great brush work, too.
    I had the same thing happen today when I clicked into your blog this afternoon. I did finally get in but it was weird. Hope it's fixed.

  6. Kelley, How disturbing to read about the situation going on with your blog. Best wishes in getting this problem solved. This too shalll pass, I'm sure. I had no problemn getting into your blog, if that is any consolation. By the way, this hasn't slowed down your painting efforts! Beautiful work!!

  7. Hey lady, nice shoes! Your page looks good from Texas. : ) Give Paco hugs!

  8. Kelly,
    I had the same problem you had with getting into your blog. It seems to have corrected itself this morning.Great painting. Enjoyed seeing Paco comfortable again. Nice painting.

  9. Love your shoes, love your loose style, your brush strokes are fabulous. I had problems getting on your blog yesterday and maybe the day before, but it seems to working now.

  10. Very beautiful, Kelley! I love the little bits of red showing through.

  11. Gorgeous! Love these shoes and their sparkly toes. You did an amazing job on those jewels and I love the blue shoe color with the shimmery green/gold backdrop. The bag ties in and balances the composition so beautifully.

    ps.~ I want those shoes.

  12. Kelley!

    No spam problem here.

    Maybe you have a virus on your computer?

    Hopefully it all got worked out by now!

    Oh, and I love the color of the shoes. Almost like a periwinkle blue!


  13. I had the same thing happen today also...and couldn't get to anyone to find out what was happening. It's okay now, but it was very strange.
    Love those shoes.


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