Monday, July 20, 2009

Thank You, Thank You!

Open Studio Weekend was sunny and warm... and I learned a lot about using a tent (and my yard, garden fence and front porch) to display my work! People drove such DISTANCES to come, it really moved me. Thank you for all you blogging friends who drove & drove to come, and also for your purchases. It was great for me to see and/or meet you in person, and I hope it was a worthwhile trip for you!

I had some framed Daily Paintings at the regular price ($100 plus $50 in framing, so $150), and a box of 'bargains' that were more than a year and a half old for - $35! Yes, this was the BIGGEST source of activity, and why not? There was nothing wrong with those paintings, but I sincerely needed space (I've literally accumulated hundreds of these) in my studio! As it is everybody gets Daily Paintings for Christmas, their birthdays, etc, and I still have a huge inventory!
Paula Villanova (a friend and fellow blogger) came with her family and I steered them to Gray's Ice Cream down the road, and Evelyn's Drive-In, across the road, which is an experience in Fried Dining not to be missed!
And my buddy Bonnie Hobbs (great painter as well as wonderful architect) and John Riley came down and hung out for a while and visited, too! It was a great weekend, and I met so many new people, too. Thanks to all who came!
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  1. Kelley - beautiful setup and it looks like you had SUNSHINE too! I sure wish I could have joined you guys, what fun. Did Paco get to participate? : )

  2. Great set up and a gorgeous weekend. I hope I can get to the next one.

  3. This looks like so much fun! Glad the weather look a little burned.

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend, Kelley! Wish I could have been there, too. Thanks for your nice comments recently; I've been begging off the blog a bit lately.

  5. Sorry to miss

    Looks like a fun fab time!
    Love the necklace(:

  6. hi kelley!
    oh i LOVE all of your apintings! i wish i could have come! i want one!

  7. Love the tent with your work! I so wish I could of been there!!

  8. Libby GilpatrickJuly 20, 2009 at 9:44 PM

    Congratulations, Kelley! Glad you had such a successful weekend tour!


  9. Looks like you had good time not too mention a successful one :))

  10. It was great. We were so glad we came....Love the trip to little compton and the vineyard. We were very dissappointed in Gray's. In fact Matt suggested maybe they were under new management since you have been last. Ice cream - so so, and portions teeny....Or maybe it was an off day. Matt said we will have to take you to White Farms if you make it up to our neck of the woods....Insanely good ice cream and huge portions! We found a great little restaraunt (the something grill?) near there though. Love my little pianting, but I thinkI may have to get another soon! :-) I am so glad that your weekend went well!

  11. It was great to see you guys but I think I will wear a different outfit next time I go out in public!

  12. Kelley!

    I think the whole concept of having an open studio/art tent literally in your own back yard is absolutely brilliant.

    Why go to galleries when people can come directly to you!

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I've got to try this now!!


  13. Congratulations on your show and sales, Kelley - looks like it was a beautiful day.


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