Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Memories, Oil, 6x6

Many, many times while I was painting this today I said to myself: "What was I thinking?" All those 'white' items???? Of course none of them is actually 'white', but a combination of white and different colors. I had a hard time with this one in photoshop - the shell had more bluey grays and the ribbon had a yellowish cast to the dark side. But when I tried to correct for that the background got turquois-y. It leans towards that but is more periwinkle. And here I go with the ribbon again - you'll see lots of them till I feel like I've mastered it. Today's is at least better than yesterday's! The addition of the red bead.... just because I have it! Pin It


  1. hi kelley!
    what a wonderful painting! i love it!

  2. Very nice and the red bead is the perfect touch.

  3. I LOVE the colors on this one, Kelley!

    The blue-grays go so wonderfully with the white-grays of the shell!




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