Friday, July 24, 2009

An Invitation

SOLDHi, everyone! I'm going to stop being shy and ask any of you who are so inclined to click on the ''Followers" button on the right to become 'officially' a follower of this blog. I don't know why I get such a kick out of that, but there you go! As far as I know it doesn't commit you to anything, and you still need to put your email address in the 'Google Subscribers' Box' to get this post in your email as they happen, but... whatever. I'll still appreciate you all even if you don't!

So on to today's painting... I'm involved in a 'Challenge' (a la Karin Jurick) with some pretty fine artists, in that we get 'assigned' an object every month and all paint the object in our own way in a 6x6 format and post them on a blog. This is our first month, and the 'object' is the starfish. It made an appearance in the oh-so-forgettable post with the red bead and white ribbon, as well. I like this one better. When we publish our 1st challenge, I'll give you the blog address and you can take a peek. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Pin It


  1. Love the red umbrella! I really like this composition and your rendering of these objects is amazing to me.

  2. I like this one better also. Great reflected color. The sun is shining!!!!!

  3. I would love to be part of this and I will do the starfish. this is so wonderful, I feel I have walked in a room and everyone is an artist and they all blog. What a wonderful feeling. Jeanne

  4. Kelley, I signed up as a follower! I may have already done this before. I'm not sure. I love, love, your red umbrella! This painting really stands out! I think that the red umbrella may be part of it! Wonderful work.

  5. Kelly thank you for visiting. This is a real treat. I have visited your blogs many times and I love your art and your pug. I think that's what made me want a pug. I have always had yorkies in the past. Anyway, I'm not from Rhode Island but I heard that they are some really cool people who make a mean cappuccino!

  6. hi kelley!
    oh i love this painting!

    your talent is truly amazing and i love your studio assistant. his post made me laugh today!

  7. Hey, this is quite 'Carol Marine'-y, isn't it? I got to the studio and forgot the cosmos flower I'd cut to bring, and thought the umbrella would have to stand in for it - and today I realized I'd seen Carol's in the morning - it must have been subconscious 'forgetting' of the cosmos!

  8. Kelley!

    The thing I noticed first about this little still life is the wonderful composition.

    I love that the starfish is resting on the glass like that. The shadows it creates underneath makes for such an interesting painting.

    Nicely cropped image too!


  9. This is awesome. Love the little "ribs" on the umbrella.


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