Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strawberry Frosted II, Original Oil Daily Painting by Kelley MacDonald

Giving the strawberry one another try. Honestly I'm practically wiped out of donuts... so... "time to make the donuts!" Actually, probably the last donut for this week, but who knows. I'm in technology hell - having lost my cell phone (yes, in my own house - but it's been 3 phone-less days now, which is making me idgy), and damaged my land line (OK, one of my kids actually lost one phone, the other handset is dying a slow death). So I'm alternately ransacking the house and looking up new cell phones/land line handsets. Ugh. I should paint PHONES!
I'm also really snowed under packing and shipping paintings - which is a really nice place to be. I'm hosting Carol Marine - and yes, while we were full with a wait list - if you want to be considered email me at kcareymac@hotmail.com - I've got a couple of slots that have opened up!
Also, check out Susan Roden's latest donuts....
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  1. Hop you find that phone!
    Nice simple donut. I hope we get some at the workshop!

  2. This is another delicious one Kelley! boy, I wish I could have taken my workshop this year at your time slot. I love Carol Marine workshops and went to one (my second one!) in June because yours was full. :) have a wonderful time!

  3. A beauty and I love that rockin' color harmony ;)
    I am TOAST :(

  4. A beauty and the color harmony makes it ;)
    I. AM.TOAST :(

  5. Wow - no phone! That's a bummer!

    Your donut looks yummy! Good color combo!

    I have taken one CM workshop and will be taking another in October. She's amazing! I know you'll have a great time!

  6. Beautiful colors, I love the green and purple. Hope those phones turn up, so annoying! Congrats on the sales, and have fun at the wkshp!

  7. Another yummy donut. I'm surprised that you can up with so many different ones. I would be done a long time ago. Good job.

  8. Pity, I'm slagging here and you're popping them right and left Kelley. You sure you aren't eating these props?

    Oops - ate my donuts! Won't have one to post till tomorrow, so stay posted and the war continues.

    pstried calling yourself on your phone to see where it rings?

  9. What a yummy pink.
    I would love to have it with my coffee, NOW!
    As long as the war is going on, we are happy.

  10. Does no phone mean more time to paint more donuts? Love the strawberry icing. I can just taste it.

  11. You are one busy lady!! I don't know how some of you do it all. Great pink and green combo.

  12. The pink looks so delicious on the green. And GREAT job on those sprinkles!

  13. Kelley!

    I don't know what I like better, the apple green background or the neon pink color of the frosting!

    Eye-popping for sure!


  14. The donut war of paintings cracks me up.....I would love to start some sort of painting war in the watercolor world of blogs. How fun! And I agree with one of your viewers comments....it's dangerous to look at any of these donut paintings early in the morning!


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